Life Drawings

:D Here are some live sketches. Or sketches from life, or whatever:


Practicing some ideation here - thumbnails galore! 60 sci fi rangers and 1 Australian aboriginal ranger comin' up:

Seeds of my first environmentt

So now, after having practiced with a few props, I think it's due time for me to create a full environment! It's going to be a fun little Tuscany inspired place, with maybe a manmade structure or two kindof overtaken by nature. Here's a little sketch and some plans I put together after having gathered a lot of reference:

Now on to the first step - terrain textures, here we come! :D

More Paints!

More practice with environments! Plus, some still life:


Last semester I helped to make a game! It was programmed from scratch by students from USC, has original score composed by Berklee College of Music, and it helped to land both of our art directors jobs in the game industry. I was one of the main 3d environment artists on the team for both hard-surface and organic props.

Props :)

I love modeling and texturing! Here are a few things:

Post 1!

Alrighty, sooo, I've decided to make a blog! I've always enjoyed doing these journal-type things, so these posts will probably be both fun for me to make and to look back on :) Hope you guys enjoy the artwork! I guess I'll start off with some environment paintings: