In my 3d Character class, we got to watch Legend!  Our teacher is having us choose one of the characters to stylize and model.  I'm making Oona, the fairy:
Here's the body sculpt from ZBrush.  I really...dislike...this program haha.  But it's my goal to get proficient in it nonetheless!!  Maybe one day I'll even learn to like it?  ha!

A Baby Link

Based on a concept by Marty Seefeldt.  Marty has a blog with a bunch of other little dudes like this.  I am going to make ALL OF THEM <3

A New Environment - Chew Magna Fortress

I'm working on another 3d environment!  What's an environment artist with just one environment in his portfolio?!  Here's the concept, which I'm basing off an excerpt from one of my favorite books, First King of Shannara.  Check out my progress on my thread at Polycount:)

Baby Dwarves and Pirates

^_^ Gotta color this guy up sometime!