Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Random Arts Dump!

Been lazy about posting... oops xD  Here's a bunch of stuff:

10.14:  Hayfever <3

9.14: Kazone Art Academy with Danny Von der Ahe

A study of Monet's 'Pleasure Boats'

5.14: SHARKMAN - Based off of a coworker whose name rhymes with Smavid Shmarrington

4.14: My podling shaman character based off an RP campaign my dad wrote - yes, my dad is pretty awesome xD

12.13: Some traditional arts to ring in the New Year

11.13: Been loving archery lately :D

10.13: Some emo day

8.13: The usual!


  1. Great Post! Especially love the life drawing pictures~ Do you mind telling me what medium your using and approx time with those pieces?

    1. Thanks Daniel! :) For the life drawings, I use Conte a Paris (not Conte Pastel Pencil, because I prefer creamy over chalky feel), and the gestures range from 2 - 10 minutes.